2.1 CIFS

The following are known issues for Novell CIFS:

2.1.1 NetWare Junctions Are Not Supported

Novell CIFS supports only junctions that target volumes and subdirectories on OES Linux servers. There is no support for junctions that target volumes on NetWare.

Novell has no current plans to change this.

2.1.2 Junction Target Changes Require DFSUTIL Command Execution to Clear the Cache

The Windows client caches the junction location when it accesses a junction for the first time. If the junction target is modified, the client continues to try to map to the old target because it does not ask the CIFS server to provide the junction target if the cache is not cleared.

To refresh the Windows environment:

  1. Download the DFSUTIL utility from the Microsoft download site.

  2. Disconnect from the mapped drive and use the following DFSUTIL commands to clear the cache:



  3. Map the drive to the new target.

Novell has no current plans to change this.

2.1.3 Duplicate CIFS Share Names for NSS Volumes

When NSS volumes are added to an OES Linux server, they are automatically added as CIFS shares.

If you rename these shares and restart CIFS, the original share names appear in addition to the new share names you specified.

Novell has no current plans to change this.

2.1.4 CIFS User Authentication Succeeds Only the Second Time When LMCompatibility Is Set as 0 in CIFS Server and 3/4/5 in the XP Client

The CIFS user authentication fails on the first attempt to authenticate. The second time, login authentication goes through as expected if NTLMV2 is enabled on XP clients.

Novell plans to address this issue in a future OES release.

2.1.5 MS Office 2007 SP2 Files Open Randomly in Read-Only Mode

On a Windows 7 client, opening MS Office 2007 SP2 files randomly throws a read-only error. This issue is not observed frequently.

2.1.6 Volume Names Are Listed as Shares in CIFS iManager

After renaming an NSS volume, both the old and new names of the volumes are listed as shares in CIFS iManager.

The workaround is to manually delete the share for the old volume.

Novell plans to address this issue in a future OES release.

2.1.7 Auditing Feature for CIFS

In the OES 2 SP2 patch, an additional capability was provided to record the login or logoff events to the CIFS server via the Linux Auditing Framework (LAF).

However, this capability is not available in this release. This capability will be provided in the January OES 2 SP3 patch release.

2.1.8 cifsd Crashes When Using nmblookup

When you use the nmblookup -A IP address command on an OES CIFS server terminal, cifsd crashes if the IP address is the host IP or the IP that is bound to the host.