2.8 iPrint

2.8.1 Secure Workstation Printers Not Auto-Updating from Terminal Servers

From a terminal server, the Auto Driver/Profile update feature does not work on secure workstation printers.

Novell plans to address this issue in a future release.

2.8.2 Installing the Printer Agent on Macintosh Workstations Requires Mozilla Firefox

Installing the printer agent on Macintosh workstations is supported on Mozilla Firefox only.

2.8.3 The “Find/Install Printer” Icon Launches Firefox with a Blank Page

Clicking the Find/Install printer icon causes Firefox to display a blank page, even though the URL is set correctly in the configuration file.

Novell plans to address this issue in a future OES release.

2.8.4 The Driver Store Appears as Active in iManager

When you stop the Driver Store manually by running the rcnovell-idsd stop command, the status of the Driver Store appears as Active in iManager.

Novell plans to address this issue in a future OES release.

2.8.5 iPrint Map Designer Page Does Not Work with Internet Explorer

iPrint Map Designer page does not work with Chinese and Italian language Internet Explorer and fails with a JavaScript error.

2.8.6 Linux Drivers Cannot Be Managed with iManager

You cannot use iManager to manage a Linux driver that has a comma in the driver name.

2.8.7 Users Created with Admin Rights Do Not Have Full Rights

On Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 terminal servers, the user created with administrator rights (non-built-in administrator) does not have full rights as the default administrator. The following issues are observed with these users (non-built-in administrators):

  • The Terminal Services tab does not appear in iPrint client.

  • Printer installation fails when the terminal services Install workstation printers only (rights required) option is set. To install the printers, run the browser in the run as administrator mode.

2.8.8 After Upgrading from OES 2 SP2 to OES 2 SP3, the Print Manager and Driver Store Are Down

During an upgrade, the www group local user is deleted. Because of iPrint folder permissions, the permission for the Print Manager and Driver Store changes from www to root.

When you start iPrint, it chooses the root user and tries to start the services, which fails because of the root permissions.

As a workaround, restart the services by using the following commands:

  • Restart the print manager by using the rcnovell-ipsmd restart command

  • Restart the Driver Store by using the rcnovell-idsd restart command

  • Restart Apache by using the rcapache2 restart command

2.8.9 Printer Installation Fails

Printer installation fails on Windows Vista and Windows 7 64-bit if you created the Printer Agent using iManager > Print Manager > Tasks and associated the 64-bit driver from there.

If you create and associate the printer by using Create Printer option, it succeeds.

2.8.10 Printer Installation Does Not Respond

Printer installation does not respond when installed on a Windows 7 64-bit with HP Universal Print Driver v5.1.1.8283.

2.8.11 Problems with Advanced Printing Options

For some drivers such as HP and Lexmark UPDs, advanced printing options like watermarks and n-up printing have problems when used with user printers.

2.8.12 Printer Installation Fails When Communicating via Proxy

If you are communicating with the iPrint server via proxy, printer installation fails. This is observed only on the Linux and Macintosh client.