2.9 NetStorage

2.9.1 NetStorage Access to a Cluster Resource Fails When the Resource Comes Online from a Comatose State

To restore access to the storage object, restart the novell-xsrvd process by running the following command:

/etc/init.d/novell-xsrvd restart

2.9.2 Unable to Use a Common Proxy if ZENworks and NetStorage Are Installed on the Same System

If you are using ZENworks along with NetStorage on the same OES server, you must not use acommon proxy.

2.9.3 Unable to Use the Common Proxy Script to Change the Proxy User Password if namcd Services Are Down

If namcd services are down, you cannot change the proxy user password by using the common proxy script. This is because the novlxsrvd user cannot be retrieved from eDirectory if the namcd services are down.

2.9.4 Common Proxy Password Cannot Exceed 20 Characters

If a common proxy user used by NetStorage is assigned a password policy, you must ensure that the password size specified in the policy does not exceed 20 characters.

2.9.5 NetStorage Purge and Salvage Options Do Not Work on Macintosh with Safari 4.0.x

If you are using Safari 4.0.x with Macintosh, the Salvage and Purge options do not work.