2.5 Dynamic Storage Technology

NOTE:OES 2 SP3 provides a technology preview for using remote secondary NSS volumes in a DST shadow volume. For information, see the following sections in the OES 2 SP3: Dynamic Storage Technology Administration Guide

  • Technology Preview: Creating and Managing DST Shadow Volumes with Remote Secondary NSS Volumes.

  • Technology Preview: Configuring DST Shadow Volumes with Remote Secondary NSS Volumes and Novell Cluster Services.

The following are the known issues with DST:

2.5.1 Novell Remote Manager Connection Error When You Are Working on the DST Options Page

When you are working on the Dynamic Storage Technology Options page, Novell Remote Manager returns the following connection error: The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

To resolve this issue, you must restart the Novell Remote Manager (httpstkd) and Apache (rcapache2) daemons.

2.5.2 Novell AFP Does Not Support DST Shadow Volumes

Novell AFP does not support Dynamic Storage Technology Shadow volumes. AFP users are able to see only the data that is on the primary volume. Do not create AFP shares on the primary or secondary volumes that are used in a DST shadow volume.