3.2 Installing QuickFinder Server

If you did not install QuickFinder Server during the network operating system installation, you can install it anytime by using the installation media.

For more information about the install process, see the OES 2: Linux Installation Guide.

3.2.1 Installing QuickFinder Server From the OES 2 Linux Media

If you did not install QuickFinder when you installed OES 2, you can install it by using the YaST Control Center.

  1. Launch the YaST Control Center.

    GNOME: Click Computer > More Applications > System > YaST.

    KDE: Click the menu button > System > YaST.

  2. Click Software > Add-on Product.

  3. Click Open Enterprise Server > OES Install and Configuration.

  4. On the Software Selection page, select Novell QuickFinder.

    Services that are already installed have a blue check mark in the check box next to the service.

  5. Click Accept.

  6. Change the default configuration information as prompted, then click Next.

  7. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

3.2.2 QuickFinder Languages

QuickFinder is available in several languages. You have end-user search templates in all supported languages, but the QuickFinder Manager UI and both the admin and end-user help systems are only available in English and the languages that are selected during the install.

To install the additional language pack files, simply extract the contents of the QFindXX.zip files into the /QFSearch directory.

NOTE:The language pack files are located in the /Products/QFSearch directory on the install CD and are also available from the QuickFinder product page.