9.10 Auditing File Move Events for the Shadow Volume

For volumes with a Shadow Status of Shadowed, all file moves between the primary volume and the secondary volume are logged to the shadow volume’s audit file. An audit log for a DST shadow volume is located in the ._NETWARE directory located at the root of the primary volume. For NSS volumes, the default file path for the log is /media/nss/volumename/._NETWARE/volumename.audit.log.

For example, if the primary area is named VOL1, the audit file is /media/nss/VOL1/._NETWARE/VOL1.audit.log.

  1. In Novell Remote Manager for Linux, log in as the root user.

  2. Select View File System > Dynamic Storage Technology Options, locate the volume in the list, then click the View Log link next to it.

  3. When you are prompted, select whether to view the file in a text editor, or to save a copy to your local computer.

    The “local computer” is the computer where you are running the Web browser for accessing the server via Novell Remote Manager.