9.5 Copying a Trustee Database to the Primary NSS Volume

In a typical DST shadow volume, the primary volume contains data and the secondary volume is empty. If the secondary volume is the one with data, you should copy its existing trustee database to the primary volume before you create the shadow volume relationship. Otherwise, you must reconfigure the file system trustees and file access rights in the merged view before you allow users to access the shadow volume.

For all NCP volumes (NSS and NCP on Linux POSIX volumes), the trustee information is obtained at volume mount time from the ._NETWARE/.trustee_database.xml file. For an NSS volume, the Linux path to the file is /media/nss/volumename/._NETWARE/.trustee_database.xml.

When the shadow relationship exists, all trustee changes are copied to both locations in order to keep the copies of the trustee information synchronized. When you remove a shadow volume, each volume has a complete copy of the trustee information.

  1. In Novell Remote Manager, log in as the root user.

  2. Select Manage NCP Services > Manage Shares to view a list of active volumes.

  3. Dismount the NSS volumes that you will be using for DST from NCP Server by selecting the Unmount button next to each volume.

    This dismounts the volumes from NCP, but they are still mounted by NSS.

  4. In a file browser, rename or delete the /media/nss/primary_volumename/._NETWARE/.trustee_database.xml file on the primary volume.

  5. Open a terminal console as the root user, then copy the trustee file from the secondary volume location to the primary volume location by entering the following at a terminal console prompt:

    cp /media/nss/secondary_volumename/._NETWARE/.trustee_database.xml /media/nss/primary_volumename/._NETWARE/.trustee_database.xml

    For example:

    cp /media/nss/ARCVOL/._NETWARE/.trustee_database.xml /media/nss/VOL1/._NETWARE/.trustee_database.xml
  6. Select Manage NCP Services > Manage Shares to view a list of active volumes.

  7. Mount the primary volume and secondary volume for NCP Server by selecting the Mount button next to each volume.

  8. At the terminal console prompt, enter the following command to synchronize the NSS trustee information that is now on the primary volume with NCP Server:

    ncpcon nss resync=primary_volumename
  9. Continue with Section 9.2, Creating a DST Shadow Volume with NSS Volumes.