1.0 Overview of Dynamic Storage Technology

Dynamic Storage Technology (DST) for Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2 Linux is an information life-cycle management technology that uses a policy-based approach for relocating data between two Novell Storage Services (NSS) volumes located on different devices. It transparently provides a merged view of the file tree to users. An administrator can specify policies that classify data to be moved by its frequency of use, file extension, and file size. Policy enforcement is automated with scheduled and on-demand runs of the policies.

Dynamic Storage Technology allows you to seamlessly tier storage between high-performance and lower-performance devices. For example, you can establish policies that keep frequently used, mission-critical data on high-performance devices, and move rarely accessed, less-essential data to lower-performance devices. Backup can be performed separately on the two volumes, which allows for different backup schedules.

Dynamic Storage Technology enables you to manage data more efficiently for the enterprise. In doing so, the enterprise can potentially realize significant cost savings in storage management.

This section provides an overview of Dynamic Storage Technology and its components.