3.4 Enabling Users for Linux Utilities and Services

On Linux, eDirectory users must also have a Linux identity in order to access NSS volumes via Linux services and utilities such as Samba, SSH, and FTP. OES 2 Linux provides the Linux User Management (LUM) technology that creates the local Linux user identity and stores the UID for the user in eDirectory. The Administrator user for the server is automatically Linux-enabled with LUM and added to a LUM administrator group for the server as part of the installation process. Before users of the NSS volumes can access NSS volumes on Linux with Linux services and utilities, you must enable both the service and the users with LUM.

For information, about how to enable users and Linux services with LUM, see the OES 2 SP3: Novell Linux User Management Administration Guide. For more information about why LUM is necessary for Linux services and utilities, see Section 5.5, Access Control for NSS on Linux.