A.38 ZID Commands

Use the commands in this section to manage the file numbering, or ZIDs, of files on an NSS volume.

nss /ZIDNameSpace=namespace

Specify the name space (DOS, Long, Macintosh, or UNIX) the command /ZIDToFileName should use.

nss /ZIDtoFilename=ZIDnumber

For a specified ZID, reports the file’s full path and filename for a given volume and name space. Use only with /ZIDVolumeName and /ZIDNameSpace to provide context for the command.

nss /ZIDVolumeName=volumename

The volume name the command /ZIDToFileName should use.


Use this option only with the pool rebuild options in the ravsui utility on Linux to enable or disable the rebuild to reZID the volume(s) in the pool that is being rebuilt.

Default: Off

Range: On or Off


For guidelines and instructions for how to use the ReZID option with pool rebuild commands, see Section 16.3, ReZIDing Volumes in an NSS Pool.