A.26 Pool Management Commands

Enter the following commands to perform maintenance for NSS pools and volumes.

NOTE:On Linux, you can execute some commands from NSSCON and some commands from both NSSCON and server console.

A.26.1 Pool Status

nss /LVScan=poolname

Available from NSSCON. Scans for logical volumes within the specified active pool.

nss /pools, or pools

Available from NSSCON and server console both. Shows all of the currently available NSS pools.

nss /ZLSSPoolIOErrors

Available from NSSCON. Shows the last 100 pool I/O errors reported from the block layer that have occurred since the server’s last reboot. The block layer does not have many error codes, so the usefulness of the error may be limited. NSS stores some block layer errors in the /var/log/messages file. Look for BIO_ in the log file to see if any pool I/O error messages are present.

A.26.2 PoolAuto Commands for Load Time

Use the pool commands in this section at load time. Any encrypted volumes on the pool cannot be automatically activated. Encrypted volumes remain deactive until you activate the volume manually and provide the password on the first activation after a reboot.

Place the PoolAuto commands in the nssstart.cfg file to make them persist across reboots. The file is in the /etc/opt/novell/nss directory.

On Linux, the following commands are available only from NSSMU:

PoolAutoDisplay=<poolname | all>

Displays the pool’s current load-time policies.

nss /PoolAutoActivate=<poolname | all>

Activates specified pools at load time.

nss /PoolAutoDeactivate=<poolname | all>

Leaves specified pools in the deactivated state at load time.

nss /PoolAutoMaintenance=<poolname | all>

Places specified pools in maintenance mode at pool load time.

nss /PoolAutoVerify=<poolname | all>

Verify the specified pool’s physical integrity at startup time.

The following modifier commands can be used with the /PoolAuto commands to automatically handle pools of status type shared, corrupt, and questions.

nss </PoolAuto_command> [/IncludeType=type | OverrideType=type]

Use the IncludeType or OverrideType modifier commands to include or override pools of the specified status type for a given /PoolAuto... command. Possible status types are SHARED, CORRUPT, and QUESTIONS.