A.16 Load Commands for the nssstart.cfg File

Use the commands in this section to load the services automatically by placing them in the nssstart.cfg file in the /etc/opt/novell/nss directory.

nss /(No)SkipLoadModules

If enabled, skips the auto-loading of the NSS support modules.

Default: Off


If used in the nssstart.cfg file, sets the number of WorkToDo entries. Entries can execute concurrently.

NSS uses WorkToDo entries for tasks such as flushing file metadata to disk in the background. Increasing the number of WorkToDo entries might be useful on a system that is heavily used. NSS always reserves 20 WorkToDo entries.

Default: 50

Range: 5 to 100


If it is specified in the nssstart.cfg file, loads only those modules that are essential for zLSS support.