D.2 Guidelines for Using NSS with Non-EVMS Volume Managers

If you use a volume manager other than EVMS to manage devices, some capabilities of NSS are not available. However, you can create and manage NSS pools and volumes on those devices by using the guidelines in this section.

D.2.1 Guidelines for the Server Install

Partition Setup

Make sure to leave unformatted free disk space so that you can create partitions for NSS after the install by using the Linux mkfs command.

Software Setup

NSS is not installed by default. To add NSS to the Software list at install time, open the Software setup option, search for the NSS package, select the NSS check box, then click Accept.

You can optionally install NSS after the initial install by using the Software Updates feature in YaST.

D.2.2 NSS Management Considerations

If you want to create NSS pools and volumes on devices managed by non-EVMS volume managers, consider the following management differences: