3.5 Updating NSS on OES 2 Linux

You can get NSS patches in the OES 2 Linux update channel or from the Novell Download Web site. For information about updating OES 2 Linux services, see Updating (Patching) an OES 2 SP3 Server in the OES 2 SP3: Installation Guide.

Consider the following issues when updating NSS on OES 2 Linux:

3.5.1 Parameter Settings

When you update an OES 2 Linux server with a Support Pack or apply NSS patches, all NSS-related parameter settings remain the same as they were before the update or patch. For example, server-level, pool, and volume settings are not modified.

3.5.2 Reboot Server or Restart jstcpd, adminusd, and volmnd

If you do not reboot the server as part of the update or patch process, some NSS functions and tools might not work properly until you restart the jstcpd, adminusd, and volmnd daemons.

For example, NSSMU or the Novell Distributed File Services (DFS) volume location database might hang when you create a volume. DFS is delivered and updated as a part of the NSS package on OES 2 Linux (and later versions) servers. If the server is a VLDB replica site, the vldb might not work properly or cause hangs when creating new NSS volumes. For information, see DFS may not function properly after upgrading NSS on OES 2 Linux and later. in the OES 2 SP3: Novell Distributed File Services Administration Guide for Linux.

To ensure that NSS and DFS is functioning properly after updating OES 2 Linux to a support pack or applying NSS patches:

  1. Log in as the root user, then open a terminal console.

  2. At the terminal console prompt, restart the following daemons in the order indicated:

  3. If the server is a VLDB replica site for a Novell Distributed File Services management context, restart the VLDB by entering

    vldb stop service
    vldb start service

3.5.3 Storage-Related Plug-Ins

The File Protocols plug-in for the Native File Access Protocols for NetWare service has been replaced in OES 2 SP1 by two plug-ins: Novell AFP (afpmgmt.npm) and Novell CIFS (cifsmgmt.npm). These plug-ins support AFP and CIFS services for NSS volumes on both Linux and NetWare.

The AFP and CIFS plug-ins also require the NSS Management (nssmgmt.npm) and Storage Management (storagemgmt.npm) plug-ins. Other storage-related plug-ins include Archive Versioning (arkmgmt.npm), Cluster Services (ncsmgmt.npm), Files and Folders Management (fileman.npm), Samba Management (sambamgmt.npm), and Distributed File Services (dfsmgmt.npm). All storage-related plug-ins share code in common with the Storage Management plug-in.

You must uninstall the existing storage-related plug-ins, then install the new plug-ins at the same time to make sure that the common code works for all plug-ins.