11.1 GroupWise 7 and GroupWise 8

11.1.1 Source Platform Requirements

You can migrate directly from any of the NetWare® platforms that support GroupWise 7 or GroupWise 8 as listed in the GroupWise documentation.

11.1.2 Target Platform Requirements

Although other suppored platforms are listed in the GroupWise documentation, this guide focuses on migrating to OES 2.

For specific planning instructions, see the following information:

11.1.3 Preparing to Migrate

Probably the most important tip to a successful migration is to make sure, before starting the migration, that the source NetWare server has the latest GroupWise support pack installed, and that GroupWise is running without problems.

The GroupWise documentation includes thorough migration planning instructions in Planning Your GroupWise Server Migration in the GroupWise Server Migration Utility Installation and Migration Guide.

11.1.4 Caveats

  • Earlier Version of GroupWise: If you are running an earlier version of GroupWise on NetWare, you must upgrade to GroupWise 7 or GroupWise 8 with the latest support pack before migration to OES 2.

  • Migrating vs. installing GWIA and WebAccess: Novell Support recommends deleting the NetWare-based GWIA and WebAccess objects and then installing new GWIA and WebAccess services on OES, even though there are instructions for migrating the GWIA and WebAccess services from NetWare to OES in the documentation.

11.1.5 Tool Options

You have two options for migrating GroupWise from NetWare to OES 2:

  • GroupWise Server Migration Utility: This lets you identify the components (Post Office agents, etc.) to be migrated from NetWare to OES and then installs GroupWise, configures the agents, and migrates the data—all in real time. The process is flexible, allowing you to choose which components to migrate when.

    During the initial transfer, the original server is maintained, letting you continue to run GroupWise on NetWare until the migration is complete and you are satisfied with the results.

    After the initial transfer, the utility guides you through testing the system on the new OES server, and then when you are ready to switch, it migrates any data that was altered since the initial transfer and activates GroupWise on the OES server. This is the only point in the process when post office agents are taken down.

  • Manual Process: Although it is much more involved and labor-intensive, some prefer to migrate GroupWise manually. The results are the same as the automated process, if all of the instructions are followed carefully.

Installation Is Included

Some administrators have incorrectly assumed that they must install GroupWise on the target server prior to the migration. Actually, GroupWise is installed on the OES 2 server as part of the migration.

Upgrading the GroupWise Version Is Not Included

You cannot upgrade GroupWise as part of the migration to OES. Specifically, you cannot migrate from GroupWise 7 on NetWare to GroupWise 8 on OES 2.

11.1.6 Migration Instructions

Manual Method

Table 11-1 Instructions for Manual GroupWise Migrations

GroupWise Version


GroupWise 7

Migration in the GroupWise 7 Installation Guide

GroupWise 8

Manual Migration Steps in the GroupWise Server Migration Utility Installation and Migration Guide

Automated Method

Table 11-2 Instructions for an Automatic GroupWise Migration

GroupWise Version


GroupWise 7 and GroupWise 8

GroupWise Server Migration Utility Installation and Migration Guide

11.1.7 Migrating GroupWise as Part of a Transfer ID Migration

Migrating GroupWise as part of a Transfer ID migration is essentially a three-phase process.

Migrating GroupWise

If your NetWare server is currently running GroupWise, you must run the GroupWise Server Migration Utility before performing the Transfer ID migration.

The GroupWise Server Migration Utility does the following:

  • It moves all GroupWise data and agents from a NetWare source server to an OES target server.

  • It sets up the GroupWise Agents to run on the IP address and DNS name of the target OES server.

For instruction on running the GroupWise Server Migration Utility, see the GroupWise Server Migration Utility 1.1 Installation and Migration Guide.

Verifying that the GroupWise Migration Succeeded

You should verify that GroupWise has migrated correctly and is running successfully for several weeks in the OES environment before completing the Identity Swap.

After the GroupWise migration, a copy of the GroupWise data is still located on the NetWare server. After you perform the Transfer ID migration, the GroupWise data is no longer accessible on the NetWare server.

Transferring the NetWare Server’s Identity

  1. In ConsoleOne, change the IP address or DNS names for the POA, WebAccess, and GWIA to reflect the NetWare server IP address or DNS information. This is only required for the agents that were transferred using the GroupWise Server Migration Utility.

  2. Ensure that the changes have replicated through the system.

  3. If a domain was transferred during the GroupWise Server migration, change the IP address or DNS name for the MTA.

  4. Shut down the GroupWise agents running on the OES server.

  5. Perform the Identity Swap.

  6. After the Identity Swap has completed, bring up the GroupWise agents on the Linux server.

11.1.8 Additional Information