4.5 Virtualization Environments

Xen and KVM virtualization software is included with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Novell Cluster Services supports using Xen or KVN virtual machine (VM) guest servers as nodes in a cluster. You can install Novell Cluster Services on the guest server just as you would a physical server. All templates except the Xen and XenLive templates can be used on a VM guest server. For examples, see Section 16.0, Configuring Novell Cluster Services in a Virtualization Environment.

Novell Cluster Services is supported to run on a host server where it can be used to cluster the virtual machine configuration files on Linux POSIX file systems. Only the Xen and XenLive templates are supported for use in the XEN host environment. These virtualization templates are general, and can be adapted to work for other virtualization environments, such as KVM and VMware. For information about setting up Xen and XenLive cluster resources for a virtualization host server, see Section 16.2, Virtual Machines as Cluster Resources.