15.6 Configuring and Adding OES 11x Nodes to the OES 2 SP3 Cluster

Configure Novell Cluster Services on an OES 11x server, join the node to the cluster, then add a line for each of the CSM containers in its /etc/opt/novell/nss/nlvm.conf file. Do not bring the CSM resources online at this time.

  1. Prepare an OES 11x server for the cluster, but do not allow it to join the cluster. On page 3 of the Cluster Services Configuration in YaST2, ensure that you deselect (disable) the check box for Start Cluster Services now.

    Use chkconfig novell-ncs off before rebooting to the SLES11 SPx Installation CD. This prevents Cluster Services from starting automatically after reboots.

    IMPORTANT:Do not start cluster services on this node or join the OES 2 SP3 cluster, until after all of the Linux POSIX cluster resources have been taken offline.

    For information about configuring the OES 11x node for the existing OES 2 SP3 cluster, see Step 2 in Section 8.4, Adding OES 2015 SP1 Nodes to an OES 2 SP3 Cluster (Rolling Cluster Upgrade).

  2. Log in as the root user on the OES 11x server, then open a terminal console.

  3. Add the OES 11x server to the OES 2 SP3 cluster by entering

    cluster join
  4. In a text editor, add the following line for each CSM container to the /etc/opt/novell/nss/nlvm.conf file on the OES 11x node, then save the file.

    Include devices /dev/mapper/<container_name>

    Replace container_name with the name of the CSM container for the Linux POSIX volume.

  5. Continue with Section 15.7, Configuring the Preferred Nodes and Cluster Settings for a CSM Cluster Resource.