3.5 Restarting the Novell NCP/NSS IPC (ncp2nss) Daemon

If NSS is installed, NCP Server runs the Novell NCP/NSS IPC (/etc/init.d/ncp2nss) daemon in order to synchronize its settings with NSS. When you modify NCP Server settings by using Novell Remote Manager for Linux, NCP Server automatically restarts ncp2nss so that the new settings are immediately synchronized with NSS. If you modify values for any of the NCP Server parameters by directly editing the /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf file, you must manually restart ncp2nss.

  1. On the OES 2015 SP1 server, open a terminal console, then log in as the root user.

  2. At the terminal console prompt, enter

    /etc/init.d/ncp2nss restart

    If ncp2nss restarts successfully, the following messages are displayed in the terminal console:

    Shutting down Novell NCP/NSS IPC daemon...
    Starting the Novell NCP/NSS IPC daemon.