15.2 Reconfiguring the eDirectory Server through YaST

The eDirectory reconfiguration can be done on the Root partition Master replica server, a Read-Write replica server, a server without a replica, or the CA server.

  1. Open YaST.

  2. Click Open Enterprise Server > OES Install and Configuration.

  3. On the Software Selection Page, click Accept.

    The status of eDirectory service is displayed as Reconfigure is disabled.

  4. To reconfigure, click disabled to change the status to enabled.

  5. Click eDirectory to access the configuration dialog box.

  6. Provide all the eDirectory configuration information that was noted in Section 15.1.1, Before You Clean Up:

    1. Verify the eDirectory tree name and click Next.

    2. Specify the admin password and click Next.

    3. Specify the server context and click Next.

    4. Specify the IP address of the Network Time Protocol Server.

    5. (Conditional) If SLP was configured earlier, select Configure SLP to use an existing Directory Agent, then click Add.

    6. Specify the SLP DA server IP address and click Add.

    7. Click Next.

  7. In the NetIQ Modular Authentication Service (NMAS) window, click Next.

  8. Verify the listed configuration information and click Next.

    eDirectory is configured and installation is successfully completed.

  9. Click Finish.