27.5 Migrating an iPrint Cluster Resource

Perform the following steps to migrate the iPrint cluster resource from NetWare to OES 2015 SP1 without reinstalling the printers on the workstations.

NOTE:When you upgrade to OES, ensure that you migrate NDPS printers to iPrint. NDPS is not supported on OES Linux. For more information, see “How to automate the upgrade from NDPS to iPrint”

  1. Set up iPrint for a cluster environment.

    For more information, see Setting up the Cluster Environment for iPrint in the OES 2015 SP1: iPrint Linux Administration Guide.

  2. Migrate the target cluster resource hosting iPrint from node to node.

    On each node, check the status of the Print Manager and Driver Store.

    rcnovell-ipsmd status

    rcnovell-idsd status

    Test the ability of the Print Manager to authenticate the admin user (or the user given in the Migration Tool.

    iprntman psm -l -u admin

  3. Perform the pre-migration for iPrint configuration.

    For more information, see Pre-Migration iPrint Configuration.

  4. Perform a consolidated migration of the iPrint service. For more information, see iPrint Consolidate Migration.

    When the source or target iPrint service is hosted on a cluster resource, transferring a node's identity is not necessary and not recommended.

  5. Verify the result of the iPrint migration.

    For more information, see Verifying the Result of the iPrint Migration.

  6. Transition end-user printing from NetWare to Linux:

    1. Offline the NetWare iPrint cluster resource.

    2. View the NetWare iPrint cluster load script's /DNSNAME value.

    3. Configure DNS to resolve the /DNSNAME value to the IP address of the target Linux cluster resource hosting the Print Manager.

      The propagation of the DNS change might take time, depending on your network.

      DNSNAME is the address that the clients use to find the NetWare Print Manager. The same DNSNAME is used to find the Linux Print Manager.

    4. Update each of the Linux node /etc/hosts files to resolve to the Linux iPrint cluster IP address.

    5. Update the /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf PSMHostAddress value to the /DNSNAME.

    6. Restart the Print Manager.

  7. Perform the post-migration steps. For more information, see xxxx.