26.2 Migrating iFolder to OES 2015 SP1

This section provides information on how to migrate iFolder.

26.2.1 Prerequisites

Before proceeding to migrate, meet the following prerequisites:

Transfer ID - Same Tree

In this scenario, the target server is installed in the same tree as the source server. On successful completion of Transfer ID, the target server functions with the same credentials (such as IP address and hostname) as the source server and source server node is no longer available in the network.

What is Migrated

The following data is migrated from the source server to the target server:

  • The simias data store path

  • The configuration files

  • Proxy user (migrates along with simias and configuration files)

26.2.2 Migration Procedure

  1. Install OES by using YaST on the target server.

  2. Stop apache from source server using the following command: rcapache2 stop.

  3. Configure iFolder on target server with same values as source server. For more information, see Configuring the iFolder Enterprise Server in the Novell iFolder 3.9.2 Administration Guide.

  4. Stop apache on target server using the following command: rcapache2 stop.

  5. Migrate the simias data store path from source server to target server in the same volume and directory structure. For more information, see Section 17.4, Migrating File System Using GUI.

  6. Start apache on target server using the following command: rcapache2 restart.

Post Migration

After migrating iFolder,

  • Verify if admin and web access pages are accessible with same details.

  • Ensure that all clients are able to connect to the server without issues.

  • Verify the ownership of the ifolder data source, it needs to be wwwrun:www