4.2 What’s New (OES 2015)

In addition to bug fixes, OES 2015 provides the following enhancements and changes for the Migration Tool:

Support for OES 2015 Features and Enhancements

The Migration Tool has been modified to support OES 2015 servers, including NSS-AD support and 8 exabyte NSS pools and volumes.

Migration Support for Active Directory Trustee Assignments

The Migration tool now supports migration of AD trustees assignments (ACLs) between OES 2015 and later servers. Before performing trustee migration, ensure that the NSS pools and volumes on the target server are enabled to support AD users. For more information, see Trustee Migration in Active Directory Environment

Transfer ID Supports Proxy User Migrations

Transfer ID now supports the direct (service to service or common to common) migration of proxy users from source OES servers to target OES 2015 servers.

  • A service proxy users is migrated to the target server along with the service that it supports.

  • A common proxy users is migrated to the target server along with the services that it supports.

No other proxy user migration scenarios, such as migrating a common proxy user to a service proxy user, are supported.

For more information, see Migrating Proxy Users to OES 2015.

Transfer ID Now Supports Repairing Only the Local eDirectory Database and Network

Using the Migration GUI, when performing eDirectory repair in Transfer ID, you have the option of performing one of the following:

  • Unattended full repair of eDirectory (existing option in earlier OES releases)

  • Local eDirectory database and network repair

While performing a Transfer ID migration, you can now limit any required eDirectory and network repairs to only the local eDirectory database and network, rather than performing a full repair, which can be quite time consuming in large networks.

For more information, see Repair step in Run Transfer ID in the OES 2015 SP1: Migration Tool Administration Guide.