17.5 FAQs

How Can I Configure DSfW DNS as a Primary DNS Server for any Other Non-Novell DNS Server?

Novell DNS can work and co-exist with any DNS server such as Windows, Linux, and NetWare.

Does Novell DNS Handle Interoperability?

Novell DNS works with all DHCP servers, such as Linux, NetWare, and Windows. With the support for GSS-TSIG-based updates added for OES, SLES BIND and Novell BIND can be only implementations supporting secure updates from Microsoft DHCP servers.

Why Does DNS Load the Zone Database from the File Despite eDirectory Availability?

The zone database files are modified without updating the SOA serial number. DNS compares the SOA serial number from the file as well as eDirectory. When the serial numbers are same, DNS loads the zone from the file instead of eDirectory. If there is a difference in the serial numbers, DNS ignores the file and reads from eDirectory. This improves the DNS load time performance.

Action: If an administrator modifies the zone database files, the SOA serial number should also be modified.

Action: Remove the zone database files and load DNS. The zone database is read from eDirectory and dumped into the files.