17.1 Services for End Users

OES 2015 SP1 offers a number of services to automatically back up your network users’ data files.

  • iFolder 3.9.2: By implementing Novell iFolder 3.9.2, you empower your users to have their local files automatically follow them everywhere—online, offline, all the time—across computers. Users can share files in multiple iFolders, and share each iFolder with a different group of users. Users control who can participate in an iFolder and their access rights to the files in it. Users can also participate in iFolders that others share with them.

  • Salvage and Purge: By default, all NSS volumes have the Salvage system enabled at the time they are created. With Salvage enabled, deleted files are retained on the volume so that users can restore (salvage) them. File are eventually purged from the system, either manually, or by the system when the Purge Delay setting times out or space is needed on the volume. For more information, see Understanding the NSS Salvage System in the OES 2015 SP1: NSS File System Administration Guide for Linux.