11.5 Modifying the Junction Location

You cannot use the Modify Junction option to modify the junction path. Instead, you create a new junction in the new location, then delete the old junction.

  1. (Optional) Get a copy of the effective rights on the old junction to help with settings on the junction in its new location.

    1. Click Distributed File Services > Modify Junction.

    2. Browse to locate and select the current junction.

    3. Click Junction Rights > Effective Rights.

    4. Do one or both of the following:

      • Select all trustees, then click Copy to Target.

        When you create the new junction that points to this target, you can use the Target Rights > Copy to Junction option to set the rights on the new junction.

      • Print the trustees and trustee rights settings to use as a reference when you create the new junction.

  2. In iManager, click Distributed File Services > Create Junction, then create a new junction in the new location.

  3. Click Distributed File Services > Delete Junction, then browse to locate and delete the old junction.