11.10 Modifying Trustee Rights for the Junction Target

You can set eDirectory trustees and trustee rights for the junction through the Distributed File Services plug-in for iManager. For Active Directory trustees and trustee rights, use Rights tool or NFARM utility.

  1. In iManager, click Distributed File Services > Modify Junction.

  2. Browse to locate and select the junction you want to manage.

  3. Click Target Rights.

  4. Select the Trustee check box next to the user whose rights you want to configure, then modify the user’s rights.

    For information about file system trustee rights, see Table 11-3.

  5. (Optional) Copy the changed settings to the junction by selecting all Trustees, then clicking Copy to Junction.

  6. Click Junction Rights, verify the trustee and trustee rights settings for the junction, then modify the trustee rights if needed.

    IMPORTANT:Read and File Scan rights are the default trustee rights.

  7. Click OK or Apply to save all of the trustee rights changes.

    IMPORTANT:The changes you make are queued but are not applied until you save the changes. If you leave the Modify Junction page without saving, the changes that you see on-screen are cancelled.