3.2 NCP Server and Dynamic Storage Technology

The Novell NCP Server / Dynamic Storage Technology pattern on the OES 2015 SP1 installation add-on disk includes the NCP Server software, the Dynamic Storage Technology software, and the plug-in components for OES Remote Manager that allow you to create and manage DST shadow volume pairs.

NCP Server must be installed and running in order for DST to work. NCP Server provides the NCP file access services and merged view for a DST shadow volume pair. The NCP Console (NCPCON) commands can be used to define a DST shadow volume pair for two shared NSS volumes. For information about managing NCP Server for Linux, see the OES 2015 SP1: NCP Server for Linux Administration Guide.

DST is automatically enabled when NCP Server is running and enabled, even if there are no shadow volume pairs currently defined. There is no way to separately turn DST on or off in OES Remote Manager for Linux or in the YaST 2 Runlevel Editor.

Some NCP Server parameters are used to control DST global policies. These parameters apply only for shadow volume pairs, and not to NCP volumes in general. For information, see Section 7.0, Configuring DST Global Policies.