10.4 Replicating the Secondary File Tree Structure to the Primary Volume

To ensure that the entire existing file tree structure (including empty directories) on the secondary volume is replicated to the primary volume, an administrator can browse (enumerate) the directory from an NCP client that is mapped to the merged view. You might need to perform this task in the following situations:

  • You used a new volume as primary and an existing volume as secondary, and did not replicate the directory structure before you created the DST volume pair.

  • You restored data to the secondary volume, and you want to ensure that empty directories are replicate to the primary.

To replicate the secondary file tree to the primary:

  1. On an NCP client, map a drive to the root of the DST shadow volume pair.

    NCP provides a merged view access when you access the primary volume of the pair.

  2. On the NCP client in the Windows Explorer browser, browse to the topmost subdirectory of the mapped drive.

    Instances of the top level of subdirectories are created on the primary volume.

  3. Launch a Windows terminal console, then change directory to the drive letter that you mapped to the DST volume pair.

  4. At the command prompt, enter the following command to enumerate the directory:

    dir *.* /s

    Instances of all subdirectories, including empty directories, are created on the primary volume.