OES 2018 SP1: Novell CIFS for Linux Administration Guide

  OES 2018 SP1: Novell CIFS for Linux Administration Guide
    Overview of CIFS
      Understanding CIFS
      CIFS and Universal Password
      CIFS Features and Capabilities
      What's Next
    What’s New or Changed in CIFS
      What’s New or Changed in Novell CIFS (OES 2018 SP1)
      What’s new or Changed in Novell CIFS (Update 7 - OES 2018)
      What’s New or Changed in Novell CIFS (OES 2018)
    Planning and Implementing CIFS
      Planning for CIFS
      Preparing for CIFS Installation
      CIFS System Prerequisites
      Co-existence Issues
      Planning for SMB Changes in OES 2018 and later
      What's Next
    Installing and Setting Up CIFS
      Installing CIFS during the OES Installation
      Installing CIFS after the OES Installation
      Installing NMAS
      Verifying the Installation
      Installing the CIFS iManager Plug-In
      What's Next
    Administering the CIFS Server
      Using iManager to Manage CIFS
      Using the Command Line to Manage CIFS
      Locks Management for CIFS
      Third-Party Domain Authentication
      Roaming User Profile
      Dynamic Storage Technology for CIFS Server
      DFS Junction Support in CIFS Linux
      Subtree Search
      Enabling Offline Files Support
      Enabling Folder Redirection Support
      Directory Cache Management for CIFS Server
      Server-side Copy Feature
      What’s Next
    CIFS Monitoring and Management
      Overview of CIFS Monitoring and Management
      Using CIFS Monitoring and Management
      Monitoring Connections
      Monitoring Files
    Migrating CIFS to OES
    Running CIFS in a Virtualized Environment
      What’s Next
    Configuring CIFS with Cluster Services for an NSS File System
      Benefits of Configuring CIFS for High Availability
      Cluster Terminology
      CIFS and Cluster Services
      Configuring CIFS in a Cluster
      What's Next
    Working with Client Computers
      Accessing Files from a Client Computer
      Mapping Drives and Mounting Volumes
      Using OES File Access Rights Management (NFARM)
    Troubleshooting CIFS
      Known issues
      CIFS Installation and Configuration
      Mac Client
    Security Guidelines for CIFS
      Using Credentials
      Using OES Credential Store
      Using VPN Connections
      Using SMB Signing
      Other Security Considerations
    Tuning the Parameters and Settings for a File Server Stack
    Command Line Utility for CIFS
      novcifs (8)
    Comparing CIFS on NetWare and CIFS on OES 2018 or Later
    Configuration and Log Files
    Legal Notice