14.3 Viewing Statistics for the Volume

  1. In OES Remote Manager, access the volume inventory for the NCP volume or shadow volume.

    For information, see Section 14.1, Accessing the Volume Inventory.

  2. In the inventory summary area, click a link to go directly to one of the following reports, or scroll to view the reports.

    For information about each statistical report, see Section 14.2, Understanding the Volume Inventory.

    • Available space trend graph

    • File type profiles

    • File owner profiles

    • Last modified profiles

    • Last accessed profiles

    • Change time profiles

    • File size profiles

    • Links to specific reports

    • Custom directory tree scan (NCP volume or NSS volume), or Custom shadow volume options (DST shadow volume)

  3. Click the Data Tables link for a profile to jump directly to the tabular display of the information that was used to generate the graph.