14.4 Using Inventory Detail Reports to Move, Copy, or Delete Files on the Volume

  1. In OES Remote Manager, access the volume inventory for the shadow volume.

    For information, see Section 14.1, Accessing the Volume Inventory.

  2. In the summary area, click Links to Specific Reports, or scroll down to the Links to Specific Reports section to view the tabular reports of information used to generate the profiles.

  3. Review the following categories to locate the files of interest:

    • Last modified range

    • Last accessed range

    • Change time range

    • File size range

    • File owner

    • File extension

  4. Click the link of the data entry for the files that you want to manage. Files are grouped by Primary area and by shadow (secondary) area.

  5. In the Inventory Detail report select one or multiple files in the list, then do one of the following:

    • Move the selected volumes to the other file tree (primary or shadow (secondary) file tree). (This option is available only for DST shadow volumes.)

    • Move the selected files to a specified path on the server.

    • Copy the selected files to a specified path on the server.

    • Delete the selected files.