15.4 Error 601 When Deleting an NCP Volume

If you attempt to create a volume at the command line by using the command syntax for creating an NCP volume inside a cluster load script (ncpcon mount MYVOL=98@"/usr/novell/myvol"), you get a -601 error when you remove the NCP volume. This error indicates that the Volume object cannot be removed. However, the volume was removed successfully. This is a cosmetic error that occurs because the wrong command was used to create the volume.

When the command is used inside of a load script, the Volume object is intentionally not re-created each time the load script runs, regardless of the node where the cluster resource is being loaded. The Volume object is associated with the virtual cluster server, not the server where it is currently loaded.

To avoid getting the -601 error, use the ncpcon create volume command to create NCP volumes at the command line, which automatically creates a Volume object in eDirectory.