8.1 NetStorage Does Not Come Up After Upgrading to OES 2018 if Service Proxy is Configured

NetStorage service configured with service proxy fails to come up after upgrading to OES 2018. This is because the service proxy users are not migrated to OES Credential Store (OCS). To resolve this issue, perform the following:

  1. Login as root user.

  2. Run yast2 netstorage and then enter eDirectory user password.

  3. Specify the proxy user password.

  4. Click Next and continue with NetStorage configuration.

  5. Verify the NetStorage service is up and running by using the following commands:

    systemctl status novell-xregd.service

    systemctl status novell-xsrvd.service

  6. Verify the service entry is present in OES Credential Store by using the following command:

    oescredstore -l