8.5 GUI Based Patching

After you have registered the server in the Customer Center, you can update the server by using the user interface. The following procedure specifies steps for updating the server with all available patches for OES 2018 SP2.

  1. Log in to the server as root or su to root.

  2. In the YaST Control Center, under Software, click Software Repositories.

  3. Verify if the following repositories are available and click OK.

    • OES2018-SP2-Pool

    • OES2018-SP2-Updates

    • OES2018-SP2-SLES12-SP5-pool

    • OES2018-SP2-SLES12-SP5-Updates

    • OES2018-SP2-SLE-Module-Containers12-Pool

    • OES2018-SP2-SLE-Module-Containers12-Updates

  4. In the YaST Control Center, under Software, click Online Update.

  5. Select the patches you want to apply and click Accept.

  6. If the patching requires a server reboot, do so when intimated by the system.

    Rebooting the server activates the new kernel if it has been updated and ensures that OES services that need restarting after patching are restarted.

NOTE:If there is any zypper patch available at the time of update, the zypper patch is updated before updating the selected OES patches.