8.9 Installing the Latest iManager NPMs After Applying OES Patches

In an OES environment, applying the latest OES patches does not install the latest iManager NPMs automatically. They will have to be manually installed.

To install the latest iManager NPMs:

  1. Ensure that you have applied all the available OES patches.

  2. Log on to iManager with admin privileges.

  3. Click Configure > Plug-Installation > Available Novell Plug-in Modules.

  4. Under the Version column, select all the modules that have version 3.2 or above associated with it and the following iManager framework modules: iManager Base Content, iManager Framework and iManager Framework Content, then click Install.

  5. After successfully installing all the NPMs, restart tomcat using the systemctl restart novell-tomcat.service command.

NOTE:Ensure to install the latest version of iManager NPMs. Even though the older version of iManager NPMs can be installed successfully on OES 2018 SP2 server, they would not contain the latest UI changes.