B.5 ncs

NOTE:Novell Cluster Services does not support using autoyast to configure cluster nodes for new clusters or existing clusters. If you create an autoyast file from a cluster node, you must remove or comment out the NCS section before you use it to build or rebuild a server. After the server is up and running successfully, you can manually configure the node for clustering by using the OES Install and Configuration option in YaST2.

Attribute Name



Specify the Fully Distinguished Name (FDN) of the cluster in comma-delimited typeful format. Each of the intermediate containers must already exist. The cluster name must be unique in that path.

Example: <cluster_dn>cn=clus134,ou=ncs,o=acme</cluster_dn>


Specify the IP address (in IPv4 format) assigned to the cluster. This is the Master IP Address that provides a single point for cluster access, configuration, and management. The cluster IP address is bound to the master node and remains with the master node regardless of which server is the master. The cluster IP address is required to be on the same IP subnet as the nodes in the cluster.

Example: <cluster_ip></cluster_ip>


Specify whether the node is being configured for a "New Cluster" or an "Existing Cluster".

Example: <config_type>Existing Cluster</config_type>


Specify the IP address (in IPv4 format, comma-delimited with no spaces) of one or more LDAP servers in the tree that you want NCS on this server to use for LDAP (eDirectory) communications. If you specify multiple LDAP servers, the local LDAP server is recommended to be the first IP address in the list. The LDAP servers must have a master replica or a Read/Write replica of eDirectory.

Example: <ldap_servers>,</ldap_servers>


Specify the NCS proxy user credentials--the username and password. The NCS proxy user is the user identity used by the NCS daemon to communicate with eDirectory (the LDAP server). In the proxy_user tag, specify the Fully Distinguished name of the NCS proxy user in comma-delimited typeful format. This might be one of the following users:

  • OES Common Proxy User: This requires that the OES Common Proxy User is enabled in eDirectory for this server. This is the default choice. The OES Common Proxy user for each server has a different identity in eDirectory. If you specify the OES Common Proxy User, each nodes’ OES Common Proxy User is automatically added to the NCS Management group for the cluster <clustername>_MGT_GRP in the cluster container.

  • LDAP Admin User: The LDAP Admin user that you used when you configured NCS on this server. This is the secondary default choice.

  • Another Admin User: An existing LUM-enabled administrator user that you created to use as the NCS proxy user.

Example: <proxy_user>cn=OESCommonProxy_avalon,o=acme</proxy_user>


Specify the password for the specified user. If you specify the OES Common Proxy User, you should use the same password that you used in the eDirectory settings for this user.

Example: <proxy_user_password>SAM23#$</proxy_user_password>


 If this is the first node in the cluster (that is, you specified a <config_type>New Cluster</config_type>), you typically specify a device to use for the SBD (split-brain detector). The device must already be initialized and marked as Shareable for clustering. Specify the leaf node name of the device, such as sdc. If the <sbd_dev> tag is not used, the SBD is not created.

Example: <sbd_dev>sdc</sbd_dev>


If this is the first node in the cluster and you are creating an SBD, you can mirror the SBD by specifying a second device to use for the mirror.  The device must already be initialized and marked as Shareable for clustering. Specify the leaf node name of the device, such as sdd.

Example: <sbd_dev2>sdd</sbd_dev2>


Specify a size in MB to use for the SBD. A single size value applies to the SBD and its mirror (if specified). The size must be at least 8 MB. A minimum size of 20MB is recommended. To use the maximum size (all free space on the device), specify a size of "-1".  If you mirror the SBD, the maximum size is limited to the lesser of the free space available on either device. Specify only a value with no units.


  • For Default size: <sbd_size>8</sbd_size>

  • For 1024 MB (1 GB): <sbd_size>1024</sbd_size> 

  • For Maximum size: <sbd_size>-1</sbd_size>


Specify the hostname of the server where you are configuring.

Example: NCS.<server_name>avalon</server_name>


Specify whether to start NCS automatically after the configuration completes by specifying a start value of "Now". To start the NCS manually, specify "Later".

Example: <start>Now</start>