B.7 novell-afp

Attribute Name



Specify the IP address of the eDirectory LDAP server that AFP connects to at install time.

Example: <afp_ldap_server></afp_ldap_server>


Specify the AFP proxy user FQDN in LDAP format used for searching AFP users in eDirectory at login time.

Example: <afp_proxy_user>cn=afpproxy,o=acme</afp_proxy_user> If you are using common proxy for AFP, mention the user FQDN of the common proxy as shown below. <afp_proxy_user>cn=OESCommonProxy_localhostname,o=acme</afp_proxy_user>


Specify the password for the AFP proxy user.

Example: <proxy_user_password>SAM23#$</proxy_user_password>


Specify a list of AFP User contexts that are searched when the AFP user enters a user name for authentication. The server searches through each context in the list until it finds the user object.

Example: <afp_edir_contexts config:type="list"> <listentry>ou=wdc,o=acme</listentry> <listentry>ou=prv,o=acme</listentry> </afp_edir_contexts>


Set this value to 'yes' when you want to enable the subtree search feature.

Example: <subtree_search>no</subtree_search>


Set this to 'yes' for AFP proxy user to grant search rights over user contexts. This is required for subtree search feature.

Example: <usercontext_rights>yes</usercontext_rights>