4.2 Adding/Configuring OES Services on a Server That Another Administrator Installed

To add or configure OES services on an OES server that another administrator installed, you must have the rights described in Rights Required for Subcontainer Administrators.

  1. On the OES server, launch YaST. Then click Open Enterprise Server > OES Install and Configuration.

  2. On the Software Selection page, select the additional OES services you want to install, then click Accept.

    The required packages are installed.

  3. When the Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server Configuration summary screen appears, click the disabled link under LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services.

    The link changes to enabled.

  4. Click LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services.

  5. Change the Admin Name and Context.

    IMPORTANT:Ensure all field delimiters are consistent. For example, if you are adding to the context already displayed, either use comma-delimited syntax or change all other delimiters to periods.

  6. Type the subcontainer admin password in the Admin Password field, then click Next.

  7. Go to Step 7 in Section 4.1, Adding/Configuring OES Services on an Existing Server and continue from there.