3.5 Specifying Customer Center Configuration Settings

Registering to Customer Center enables you to receive updates on OES 2018 SP2 from Micro Focus, which includes defect fixes.

When you are entering the Customer Center configuration information, it is critical that you enter either your purchased OES 2018 SP2 code or the 60-day evaluation code available with your OES 2018 SP2 download.

  1. Select Configure Now to download any updates that are available for the server, then click Next.

  2. On the Customer Center Configuration page, select all of the following options, then click Next.


    What it Does

    Configure Now

    Proceeds with registering this server and OES product in the Customer center.

    Hardware Profile

    Sends the information to the Customer Center about the hardware that you are installing OES on.

    Optional Information

    Sends optional information to the Customer Center for your registration. For this release, this option doesn’t send any additional information.

    Registration Code

    Makes the registration with activation codes mandatory.

    Regularly Synchronize with the Customer Center

    Keeps the installation sources for this server valid. It does not remove any installation sources that were manually added.

  3. After you click Next, the Contacting server message is displayed.

    Wait until this message disappears and the Manual Interaction Required page displays.

  4. On the Manual Interaction Required page, note the information that you will be required to specify, then click Continue.

  5. On the Customer Center Registration page, specify the required information in the following fields, then click Submit:


    Information to Specify

    Email Address

    The email address for your Login account.

    Confirm Email Address

    The same email address for your Login account

    Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP2 (optional)

    Specify your purchased or 60-day evaluation registration code for the OES 2018 SP2 product.

    If you don’t specify a code, the server cannot receive any updates or patches.

    System Name or Description (optional):

    Specify a description to identify this server.

  6. When the message to complete the registration displays, click Continue.

  7. After you click Continue, the Contacting server.. message is displayed with the Manual Interaction Required screen.

    Wait until this message disappears and the Customer Center Configuration page displays.

  8. Continue with Section 3.6, Specifying the Add-On Product Installation Information.