5.1 System Requirements

  • Supported web browsers:

    • Mozilla Firefox 12 or later

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and 9. IE 10 and 11 is supported for Windows 7 and 8 clients in the desktop view only.

    • Apple Safari 5 and Safari 6.0 (for Mac OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8) clients only)

    • Google Chrome 21 or later

    • KDE Konqueror 4 or later, with limited functionality

  • Certificate handling requires SSL 2.0 or later or TLS 1.0 or later to be enabled in your web browser. Otherwise, the browser displays an error indicating that the page cannot be displayed. We recommend the higher security options of SSL 3.0 or the latest TLS if it is available.

  • The HTTPSTKD package must be loaded and running on the server.

    For information about starting or restarting the httpstkd daemon, see Section 5.3, Starting or Stopping HTTPSTKD.

    This package is selected for installation by the Novell Remote Manager pattern. The Novell Remote Manager (NRM) pattern is selected for installation when you install any of the OES Services patterns on Linux unless you deselect it.

    For information about installing OES Remote Manager, see Section 4.0, Installing OES Remote Manager for Linux.

    For package details, see OES Remote Manager Packages.