4.3 Modifying VLDB Settings in the Cluster Load Script

You must modify the cluster load script for the clustered VLDB service whenever you change the location of the replica site or the path on a replica site.

  1. Offline the cluster resource that contains the VLDB.

  2. Modify the replica site or VLDB database location as desired.

    For instructions, see Section 10.0, Managing VLDB Services.

    IMPORTANT:Make sure that the Run VLDB service when the server restarts option is disabled (deselected).

  3. Edit the cluster load script by modifying the existing vldb command to use the new vldbpath.

    vldb -dir /vldbpath

    This command starts the VLDB service for the cluster. Replace vldbpath with the path to the VLDB file. The path much exactly match what you entered for the DFS management context.

  4. Make sure that the script mounts the volume that contains the VLDB file before issuing the vldb command.

  5. Online the cluster resource that contains the VLDB.