15.11 VLDB Stops Working After Renaming the O or OU Container for a DFS Management Context

After the DFS management context is configured, DFS does not monitor eDirectory for changes to the name or for the existence of the O or OU container. If you change the name of the container or if you delete and replace the container, the DFS management context stops working because its configuration does not match with the information in eDirectory. The VLDB is broken, and junctions that point to volumes in that container are broken. This failure occurs even if you eventually change the name back to the original name of the O or OU container. A VLDB repair cannot fix this problem.

To avoid this problem, do not rename or delete and replace an O or OU container after you create a DFS management context.

To resolve this problem, you must delete the existing DFS management context, then create a new DFS management context for the modified container.