15.8 Junctions Are Broken After Deleting and Re-Creating an NCP Volume

If you delete an NCP volume, the Volume object is deleted from eDirectory. The existing entry in the VLDB is invalid because the Volume object no longer exists. Junctions that point to the volume are broken. Re-creating the NCP volume cannot fix the broken junctions.

If you re-create the NCP volume, a new Volume object is created. The first time that you add an entry for the volume to the VLDB (using the vldb add command or running a VLDB repair), a new DFS GUID is automatically generated for the Volume object. In the initial OES 11 release and earlier, the ~DFSINFO.8-P file is not used for NCP volumes and is not stored at the root directory of the volume. Therefore, the old DFS GUID is unknown to DFS and cannot be re-used.

If you delete and re-create an NCP volume, you must delete and re-create the junctions that point to the volume so the junctions can pick up the new DFS GUID.