5.1 Guidelines for Enabling DFS Using BCC

When clustering servers with BCC in a DFS management context, consider the following guidelines:

  • All clusters that are BCC peers must be within same tree in order for DFS to be enabled on the BCC clusters. DFS does not function across trees.

  • The DFS MC must be at a container level which contains all the BCC peer clusters.

  • BCC enabled resources which are junction targets must use virtual IP addresses which remain the same across the BCC peer clusters to allow clients to access them as they migrate across clusters.

    For information on virtual IP, see Using Virtual IP Addresses with BCC in the BCC Administration Guide for OES 2018 SP1.

  • To BCC enable the VLDB service, do the following:

    • The VLDB path must be on a BCC enabled cluster resource.

    • The VLDB replica server must be the cluster virtual server for the volume. This virtual server must use a virtual IP which remains the same across all the BCC peer clusters.