This manual gives you a general understanding of openSUSE®. It is intended mainly for system administrators and home users with basic system administration knowledge. Check out the various parts of this manuals for a selection of applications needed in everyday life and in-depth descriptions of advanced installation and configuration scenarios.

Advanced Deployment Scenarios

Learn how to deploy openSUSE from a remote location and become acquainted with complex disk setup scenarios.


Learn how to update and configure your openSUSE, how to administrate your system from a remote location, and get to know some important utilities for Linux administrators.


Get an introduction to the components of your Linux system and a deeper understanding of their interaction.


Learn how to configure the various network and file services that come with openSUSE.


Get an introduction to mobile computing with openSUSE and learn how to configure the various options for wireless computing, power management, and profile management.


Become acquainted with openSUSE security features and learn how to setup and configure services that will make your system secure.