6.1 Authentication in Retain

Of necessity, access security has increased over the years and Retain now supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all Retain users.

Security enhancements have been included in the following releases:

  • Retain 4.9.1: Introduced OpenID Connect integration, which added Login Using Office 365 and Login Using Google buttons to the Retain Login dialog.

    If you have configured your Retain system to support existing OpenID Connect implementations on Office 365 or GSuite, those users can click their respective Login button and authenticate directly to their email systems. If they are already signed in, Retain opens without further input.

    Other users must enter a username and password as the first step.

  • Retain 4.9.2: Added an integration with NetIQ Advanced Authentication that supported multi-factor authentication for GroupWise and Exchange users by leveraging their respective LDAP identity services.

  • Retain 4.10: Extends MFA support to all Retain users, including mobile and offline. This leverages a special-purpose LDAP service associated with Retain’s Archive Address Book.

Current Retain Authentication processes are summarized in the following sections: