Retain Release Notes

April 2020

1.0 Introduction

This document outlines the new features and changes in Retain

2.0 Installing Retain

For planning and installation instructions, see the Retain Installation and Administration guide.

3.0 Upgrading to Retain

To upgrade a Retain system that is running Retain 4.8.1 or later, simply download and install the Retain software.

If you are running a version earlier than 4.8.1, follow the upgrade paths that are documented in Upgrade and Migration in the Retain Installation and Administration guide.

4.0 New and Changed Features in Retain

  • RET-12716 - Updated MariaDB connector to version 2.5.3

  • RET-13046 - Retain now uses OpenJDK version 11.0.5+10

  • RET-13063 - Test Connection button added to the Impersonation tab of Exchange module configuration

  • RET-13126 - Office 365 Modern Authentication in Retain

5.0 Issues Resolved in Retain

Retain Server

  • RET-6825 - Google Apps now respects the criteria chosen in the profile section

  • RET-7357 - Date Range selector in Search interface now displays the word Apply instead of arrow characters

  • RET-7899 - Fixed a problem that could prevent setting a custom date range in the Scope of a Profile

  • RET-8136 - Mailboxes with little or no data will now appear on the licensing report

  • RET-8151 - Eliminated SSL connection error with MySQL databases

  • RET-8369 - Correct discrepancy between index totals on indexer and server status pages

  • RET-8384 - The Load Images by Default button in the message viewer was not displayed in Edge and Internet Explorer browsers

  • RET-8636 - Saved searches now save quoted search criteria

  • RET-8808, RET-8809, RET-8814, RET-8821, RET-8825, RET-9228, RET-9578, RET-9726, RET-12022, RET-12861, RET-12974 - Added missing translation and corrected formatting.

  • RET-9183 - Retain password becomes invalid after logging in with Retain GW Plugin in case of duplicate usernames

  • RET-9331 - Fixed duplicate entries of users in the Audit User Activity report.

  • RET-10333 - Modules no longer allowed without names

  • RET-10470 - Simplified references to product versions in the Tools page

  • RET-11250 - User can access device management page without having the required right

  • RET-11891 - Optimize memory usage when forwarding messages

  • RET-11987, RET-12000, RET-13090 - Security fixes

  • RET-12155 - Corrected display of time format in the Process Status table of Server Configuration > Storage tab

  • RET-12298 - Resolved foreign key constraint issue that would occur during deletion

  • RET-12299 - Date range applied automatically in Firefox

  • RET-13116 - Removed the limit of save queries, now unlimited

  • RET-12455 - Enhanced information in documentation for Office 365 Graph API permissions

  • RET-12505 - Resolved issue where the storage encryption would not display correctly in FR and IT languages

  • RET-12698 - Enhanced schema checking process

  • RET-12814 - Simplified wording sent to administrator for failed schema check

  • RET-12845 - Resolved fail to auto discover endpoint error that could occur on Exchange jobs when multiple Exchange modules were configured

  • RET-12973 - Corrected formatting for messages displayed during re-indexing operations

  • RET-13034 - Fixed memory leak when retrieving zip files from Exchange

  • RET-13039 - Documentation change for Mailbox Deletion

  • RET-13076 - The Exchange module would incorrectly show the status No search DNs have been provided when configured for Office 365

  • RET-13125 - Corrected HTML formatting problem in Archiving Stats headings

  • RET-13189 - Emoji characters did not display in the subject of the message view

  • RET-13336 - Chat identifiers for BBM Enterprise messages are now decoded and match the underlying naming used by BBM

Retain Mobile App

  • RMA-361- Fixed new user Login, when user account is deleted from list of Retain users.

6.0 Known Issues

7.0 Contacting Micro Focus

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Support at

Additional technical information or advice is available from several sources: