1.4 Retain Message Router Console

After installing the Retain Message Router and connecting to it from the Retain Server, you can access its console.

Using an administrative browser, enter the following URL and sign in as the Retain administrative user on the Retain server connected with the router.

Path: http://routing-server-IP-or-DNS/RetainRouter

The Message Router console lets you view the devices that connect to Retain through the router and the state of temporarily stored communications (payloads) waiting to be transferred to Retain.

Table 1-5 Using the Message Router Console

Field, Option, or Button

Information and/or Action

Information block

The upper-left section shows the following configuration settings:

  • Retain Server: The DNS name of the Retain server.

  • Tenant ID: The automatically generated ID used to verify connections with the Retain server.

  • Storage Path: The temporary storage directory for data waiting to be transferred to Retain.

  • Archive Inbound: The state of data coming from mobile carriers.

  • Archive Outbound: The state of data transferring to Retain for archiving.

Show Log button

  1. Click this to view the Message Router log file.

Test Server Connection button

  1. Click this to verify the connection to the Retain server is working.

Upload Pending Payloads button

  1. Click this to immediately upload the message data that is accumulated in the temporary storage directory to the Retain server.

Daily Mobile Stats

A daily count of devices with each of the supported message types.

Mobile Device List

Information about each device that has had messages routed through the Message Router. Sort any column by clicking its header.

Retain REST API Statistical Data

Information about the current state of message data payloads.