3.10 System Log Option (Overview)

This option lets you read and parse through the latest system log file. The level of detail is controlled in system configuration.

The actual filename and path on the server is also listed. You may clear the view buffer at any time in case you want to monitor a particular operation for troubleshooting purposes.

3.10.1 Location of Log Files

At the end of each day the logs are closed and compressed to save space. After 10 days, by default, the logs are removed from the system.

The full length logs can be found in, be default:

Linux: /opt/beginfinite/retain/tomcat8/logs

Windows: C:\Program Files\Beginfinite\Retain\Tomcat 8.0\logs

There are several log files that are stored here, the ones of primary interest are:

RetainServer.<date>.log: Contains server transactions.

RetainWorkerN.<date>.log: Contains worker transactions. N being the worker number.

Indexer.<date>.log: Contains indexer transactions.