1.11 Un-installing Retain

To uninstall Retain, use the following general procedure. Actual locations may vary according to your specific setup, storage location, and host operating system.

1.11.1 Linux

  1. Shut Down Tomcat: “service retain-tomcat8 stop”

  2. Shut Down Apache: “service apache2 stop”

  3. (Optional) Remove the data storage files

    Can be: /var/opt/beginfinite/retain. See the Retain Administration Guide section on storage to see where your data actually is placed.

  4. Remove the program files

    Can be: /opt/beginfinite/retain

  5. Remove the RetainWorker.xml, RetainServer.xml, RetainRouter.xml, and RetainStatsServer.xml from Tomcat

    Can be: /opt/beginfinite/retain/tomcat8/conf/Catalina/localhost

  6. Remove the directories under tomcat/work (but NOT work itself)

    “rm –r /var/cache/retain-tomcat8/work/*”

  7. Remove references to Retain in httpd.conf

    Can be: /etc/apache2/conf.d/retain-apache.conf

  8. Remove tomcat service file: “rm /etc/init.d/retain-tomcat8”

  9. If Apache and Tomcat were not removed, restart them both to verify that they load without problems.

1.11.2 Windows

  1. Shut down Tomcat service

  2. Remove Retain Tomcat 8 service

    Open a terminal as admin and type: “sc delete tomcat8”

  3. Remove the program files

    Can be: C:\Program Files\Beginfinite\Retain

  4. Remove the environment variables from the registry: RETAIN_CATALINA_HOME, RETAIN_HOME, RETAIN_JAVA_HOME, RETAIN_JAVA_VERSION, and RETAIN_JRE_HOME

  5. (Optional) Remove the data storage files

    Can be: C:\Retain

  6. (Optional) Remove SQL Database, SQL Server, Apache or IIS